Marina Micheli


I have been a happy resident of New York's East Village for the past twelve years, where I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator and painter, working by commission for commercial companies and private clients.

My work exhibits two tendencies. I paint the natural world in a realistic style and I illustrate the world I see in a cartoon comic style. Sometimes, I combine them.
I like to invent characters and stories that entertain, explore contradictions, and that just make me laugh.

In my painting and portraiture I am attracted to the unique eloquence of the animal world and strive to express the personality and warmth of my subjects. I have been commissioned by many private clients and some institutions. My mediums are oil and pastel, and I welcome all inquiries.

I am available as an illustrator for publication projects of all kinds.
I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.
You can also see my work at the Directory of Illustration website at